<aside> 🔔 While face recognition is currently only available for images, we’re working hard to add support for video within the coming months.


If you’re organizing images with people in them, you probably want to be able to filter for a specific person. This can be helpful in multiple use cases: working on influencer marketing campaigns, filtering for speakers at events, or finding all of the images of a subject you shot across projects.

Face recognition saves you from having to tag individual images in order to filter for them.

Filtering for specific people

You can filter for a specific person by clicking on the search bar. You’ll see the top 9 people with the most appearances first, and you can access the rest by clicking “View all people”.

Filtering for people can be coupled with other filters or with free search, so you can look for a person within a specific project, or for that person’s images taken at the beach.


Naming people

After clicking “View all”, you’ll get a list of all the people the system identified within your images, sorted by the number of appearances.

You can give names to people, in order to make them searchable from the main search.


Merge or remove people

Our face recognition is great, but like anyone, it occasionally makes mistakes, like confusing Will Ferrell with Chad Smith from the Chilli Peppers, or not recognizing someone who’s having a bad hair day. That’s why we always like giving you the last say.

To merge two people who are the same, give them the same name, and the system will merge them together.